pidan | Wheeled Pet Carrier for Cat | Ventilation Type

SKU: PD2601W1

The carrier has a stand-alone ventilation system. 

The carrier's interior is equipped with a built-in fan to assist in the exchange of air inside the carrier, always keeping the air circulation inside the carrier so you can travel with your cat for as long as you like with peace of mind. 


The carrier has shock-absorbing design rollers. 

The built-in spring shock-absorbing structure with rubber rollers can reduce bumps and noise caused by uneven roads, bringing a more comfortable experience for cats traveling. 


The carrier has a round view window and a non-transparent body.

They satisfy your cat's curiosity and maintains privacy. Your cat can check out the world whenever it likes.


The carrier has a generous interior space of 47 x 30 x 45 cm.

The carrier also includes a soft cushion and pillow to maintain comfort. The internal space and the combination of a soft cushion + a pillow meet the resting needs of cats during the trip out.


The carrier has a built-in lighting system.

A button activates the built-in LED lighting, and the soft light can adapt to a low-light environment and observe the cat's status at any time.


The carrier has one-way interactive windows, making it easy to soothe your cat and, at the same time, ensure safety.

Locking/unlocking by toggle knob, the interactive window can only be pushed open from outside to inside and will close automatically by spring force when released. The window cannot be opened from the inside to ensure security.


The carrier has an adjustable trolley and carrying handle set.

Making traveling with your cat more convenient and labor-saving. So, you can switch the use at any time according to different scenes to travel easily.


The carrier has a simple appearance.

Frosted touch white body with quality accessories, exquisite and beautiful.


The carrier has anti-suffocation holes.

Four anti-suffocation holes are provided around the edges of the window to prevent suffocation hazards when the back grid is completely blocked.


The carrier has a charging design. 

The fan and lighting system are charged through the same Type-c charging port (which supports portable rechargeable batteries). One charge can keep the fan running for 6 hours in the second gear and the first gear runs for about 10 hours. Lighting runs for about 30-40 hours.


Product parameters

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Product name:

Wheeled Pet Carrier for Cat, Ventitation Type

Suitable for:



49 x 36 x 52 cm

Net weight:

4.1 kg


Polycarbonate + Polyester Fiber



1. Make sure the latch is closed correctly before you travel.

2. Do not use the casters to cross the steps to avoid danger or the carrier body overturned or damaged.

3. Do not use the casters to stand in unstable places to avoid accidents when the carrier body is overturned.

4. Do not use the lever to lift the carrier.

5. Do not press the telescopic button on the lever while the carrier is in motion.

6. Do not expose the carrier to rain for a long time. The waterproof performance of the carrier can cope with accidental splashes during everyday use, but it is not entirely waterproof. When the carrier is wet, please use a towel to wipe clean in time to avoid water seepage.

7. Please do not place the carrier near high-temperature objects, such as fireplaces, heaters, etc., to avoid the carrier’s or accessories' deformation.

8. Please do not use corrosive liquids to wipe the carrier, such as banana water, oil, alcohol, etc., to avoid the carrier or accessories deforming.

9. Do not place the carrier in a unique environment, such as strong acid or high humidity, to avoid damage to the metal parts such as latches and others, causing the carrier can not be used commonly.

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