Wholesale: Become The Finest Pet Shop and Offer Pidan Products in Your Store

Why Carry Pidan Products in Your Store?

Pidan is a brand founded in Paris that focuses on products designed for pets.
Pidan adheres to the tenet of "being good, creative, courageous and stable" and is determined to be the creator of "live with pet better."
We hope that through the products and services of pidan, not only will the pet lovers raise pets more scientifically and straightforwardly, but also allow pets to enjoy more happy experiences in accord with others.

Unique Collection: Stand out from the crowded industry by having our beautiful, practical, and well-designed products that you cannot find anywhere else. We are the only one that wholesales pidan products.

Simple Transaction: Email us at wholesale@teddybob.ca to create an account, and we send you our catalog and order list once approved.

Approval Requirements:
Brick and mortar retail stores and online retail stores are welcome.