pidan Pet Deshedding Tool

SKU: PD3405C1

Efficient De-shed.

Metal comb teeth. Deep de-shedding.

  • The metal comb tooth is 1 mm apart from each other. It can reach deep to the root of the coat, increasing efficiency.
  • Easy to clean. Just push and tear.
  • Press the button and then wiggle the comb or manually tear off to immediately remove the hair on the comb teeth.

Five directions settings.

  • Each suits different de-shedding needs and could use by the left or right hand.
  • Round and smooth comb teeth. To protect your pet's skin.
  • The round and smooth comb teeth prevent your pet's skin from getting scratched.

Designed to reduce fatigue.

  • The handle and the comb form a 120° angle. Let you hold easily and naturally. The handle is soft and comfortable so you won't feel tired holding it for a long period of time. 
  • One for short-haired. One for Long-haired.
  • Use short comb teeth on your short-haired pet. Use long comb teeth on your long-haired pet.

How to adjust the angle

1. Press and hold the button, at the same time, turn the comb. 
2. Release the button at the desired angle. Make sure the comb locks in properly before using it. 


    1. Make sure there is no matted hair before using the de-shedding tool. Please take your pet to the animal hospital when there is matted hair or hair loss.
    2. Use the de-shedding tool when the coat is dry. If your pet has skin inflammation, sore abrasions, etc, please wait for your pet to fully recover before using the de-shedding tool.
    3. To prevent your pet from injuries, don't pull with brute force.
    4. Avoid foreign objects getting into the moveable joints causing damage to them or malfunction.
    5. Clean up in time after use to avoid the residue of pet fur oil and breed bacteria.
    6. Please keep it in a safe place after use to avoid accidental injuries caused by children and pets playing with it.

    Product Information

    This product is suitable for cats and dogs.

    Size: 179 x 102 x 54 mm

    Weight: 150 g

    Material: ABS, Stainless steel, TPE


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    • Remarkable Odor Control
    • Fast Clumping
    • Ultra Low-tracking
    • Dust Free Formula
    • Quick and Extremely Effective Absorption
    • Flushable
    • Biodegradable, Environment Friendly 

    What materials is our tofu cat litter developed from?

    • Selected Canadian Peas
    • Natural Bean Dregs Made with a Drying Process
    • Tofu Litter Made from All Food-Grade Raw Materials

      What iconic innovations do we use in our production techniques?

      • Carefully Balanced Mixture of Raw Materials
      • Raw Materials are particulated at 80°C
      • Zero Contamination Vacuum Packaging

        Other Features and Benefits of the Original Tofu Cat Litter

        1. Tested Performance - pidan Tofu Cat Litter, which has undergone multiple tests, rapidly absorbs ammonia from cat urine, significantly reducing unpleasant odors and ensuring a pleasant indoor atmosphere.
        2. Cost-effective - Its high absorbency rate means you use less than regular cat litter, offering greater value over time.
        3. Quality Ingredients - Primarily made from organic beans imported from Canada. It's not only eco-friendly but also a natural choice for your feline friends.
        4. Enhance Living Environment - Reduce odors and make cleaning more convenient, effectively improving the living conditions for both you and your cat.
        5. Toilet Flushable - No additional disposal is needed. Simply flush it directly into the toilet for convenience and hygiene.
        6. Every batch of our cat litter is tested for quality, ensuring your peace of mind. Check our website for reports!

        Given the possibility of cats inadvertently ingesting litter while cleaning their paws, we treat our tofu cat litter with the same rigor as food products. Every batch produced in our factory undergoes stringent quality testing, accompanied by a comprehensive inspection report. We prioritize transparency by making these reports publicly accessible, ensuring that the cat litter provided to our consumers is of the highest and safest quality.

        How to Use:

        1. Evenly spread the cat litter in the litter box to a depth of about 1.5 to 2 inches or 5 to 7 cm.
        2. Daily remove and dispose of feces and clumped urine to maintain cleanliness in the litter box.
        3. Clumps and feces can be directly flushed down the toilet.
        4. It's recommended to replace the cat litter monthly and clean the litter box.

        Note: Although this cat litter is flushable, it's advisable not to flush a large quantity at once to prevent toilet clogs.

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