pidan Pet Carry Backpack

Type: Pet Carrier
SKU: PD2651M1

pidan Pet Carry Backpack

Travel with fun!

An Ultra-Lightweight, Transparent, and User-Friendly pidan Pet Carry Backpack!

A never before seen large size that is out of your imagination.

With a 40.6 x 38 x 53.2 cm dimension, the interior is incredibly spacious and comfortable, allowing your pet to feel relaxed and at ease. The bag has a volume of 70 liters and a laptop-like weight of only 1900 grams.

Transparent and breathable.

 With breathable PVC mesh fabric at the top, it ensures air circulation.

Multiple ways to use it.

Full support for cat travel.
Backpack: state most commonly used.
Shoulder strap + handle + four-corner support

Side carry: often used in cars.
Handle + four-corner support

Fixed on the trolley case.
It is fixed on the trolley case‘s telescopic handle by the backpack's strap.

What's on the back panel?

Something practical and thoughtful.

1. Breathable mesh padding: take away weight gently.
2. Storage pocket: store small items like treats, coins, or other things.
3. Strap: holds the padded adjustable strap when you carry the backpack sideways.

Storing it is incredibly convenient and doesn't take up space.

When folded and stored, the height is only 10 cm, and it's enclosed storage so that you won't lose any parts.

And more surprising details!

Built-in safety clasp
It can buckle the cat collar and/or leash to prevent the cat from escaping.
Diving cloth lining carry handle
Bring good support, do not squeeze hands, and non-slip.


Oxford cloth liner
It gives the cat's feet a soft feeling and is easy to care for.

Hidden zipper
The webbing zipper head is smooth and firm.

Product Information

Product Name: pidan Pet Carry Backpack

Suitable For: Cat and Small-sized Dog

Material: PC, Oxford Cloth Fabric

Dimension: 40.6 x 38 x 53.2 cm (Expanded), 38 x 50 x 10 cm ( Folded and Stored)

Weight: 1.974 kg

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