pidan Pet Carpet, 2 types

SKU: PD2052D1

A Carpet for Relaxing


This carpet made, especially for your pet.

A unique hand-painted look.

It is made with premium delicate flannel.

Ultra-soft and comfortable.

It is a comfortable area to let your pet relax all afternoon.


Multi-layered composition. 

Absorbs moisture, insulates heat.

Keeps your pet cozy all year long.


Super easy to clean up!

It's non-shedding.

The flannel fabric is densely weaved.

It takes less time and energy to clean up.


You can hand wash or machine wash. 

Recommended washing the whole carpet regularly to keep your pet healthy.


Product Information

Suitable for: Cats and Dogs

Weight: 130 g

Size: 53 x 53 x 1 cm

Material: Flannel


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