pidan "Dolphin" Pet Plush Toy

SKU: PD3801W1

~The Little Dolphin Can Also Be Your Cat's Playful Companion~

A cute gift that keeps your cat company

This plush toy is a novel and cute dolphin that is eye-catching. There is a piece of high-quality catnip slice inside the toy to attract your cat.

 Soft and bite-resistant and will not deform easily

The materials are selected with heart. The filler used for the inside of the toy is ultra soft polypropylene cotton. The filler gives the toy its fluffiness and high-elastic feel so the toy does not deform easily. The toy is bite-resistant and play-durable. This is a toy that gives your cat full of love and warmth.

Smooth texture, gentle love

The fabric used is crystal velvet so it is soft and skin-friendly. This fabric is very convenient to clean. Fur or hair will not stick on this fabric. You can wash it with water. when needed.

A variety of gameplay that your cat just won't stop playing

The toy is sized moderately so your cat can hug it while sleeping, kick it for fun, or pounce it like a prey. Your cat's hunting nature will be aroused and just won't stop playing with this toy.

Warm Prompt

It is recommended to hand wash with warm water using a low alkaline detergent. Lightly brush clean spotted stains. The toy must air-dry or dry under the sun.

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