pidan Dog Collar with Metal Buckle, 6 types

SKU: PD2930A1

Cool Looking Collar


Dog collar


High-strength buckle

The small size can sustain a pulling force of 150 kg.

The medium size can sustain a pulling force of 200 kg.


The collar is adjustable so it fits dogs of different body types.

The small size suits a neck circumference of 24 - 38 cm.

The medium size suits a neck circumference of 30 - 50 cm.


Made of high-quality silky polyester。

Beautiful graphics or patterns printed on both sides.

It's very well-made.


The high-quality D-shaped metal ring feels and looks high end but low key. 

And it's very reliable.


The small size is suitable for small dogs.

There are 3 types in small size.

1. Les Fauves type


2. Billionaire's Gold Chain type


3. Sunset type


The medium size is suitable for medium-sized dogs and some large-sized dogs.

There are 3 types in medium size.

1. Pink and Green type


2. Blue and Green type


3. Color Stripes type



Great look on any dog!

You can pair this dog collar with any dog leash.

Pair the collar with the shock-absorbing dog leash for the best look.


Product Information

Suitable for: Dogs


Small size. 48 g,

Medium size, 55 g


Small size, 1.5 x (25 to 38) cm;

Medium size, 2 x (30 to 50) cm

Material: POM polyester

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