pidan Cat Surfing Tunnel, 2 pcs set

Type: Cat Toy
SKU: PD3502A2

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Felt Tunnel


It's an interactive type felt carpet specifically designed for cats.

You can play hide and seek with your cat with it.


Double layer composition. 

A unique tunnel carpet.

It's a fun space for your cat that is soft and easy to set up.


Cat's newest playground.

It can be used as a pet carpet when it's flat.

Or, you can form a tunnel by arcing the top layer.

So, it'll be a fun passage for cats to run in and out and play around.


This soft and thick felt carpet is durable and easy to clean up.

It's stiff and won't change its shape easily.


Join the pieces freely to create something new.

Two pieces of carpet make one unit. Connect the pieces tightly with the velcro in any way.

Extend it without limits.


Vivid colors.

Easy to put away.

Precision crafted.

It matches any style at home.


Product Information

Weight: 732 g

Size: 100 x 50 x 0.8 cm

Material: Polyester

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