pidan 3-in-1 Combination Scratch Board Set

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SKU: PD3315B3

Overview: Experience triple the fun and functionality with our 3-in-1 Combination Scratch Board Set. This versatile product features three individual scratch boards that can be used separately, offering your cat three times the scratching area and three unique ways to play. Perfect for keeping your cat entertained and engaged!

Key Features:

  • Triple the Scratching Area: The set includes three scratch boards, each of which can be used independently, providing a generous scratching surface for your feline friend.
  • Both Surfaces Are Applicable: Both sides of each scratch board are usable, effectively tripling the scratching area and enhancing durability.
  • High-Density Corrugated Paper: Crafted from premium high-density corrugated paper weighing 2.4 kg, these scratch boards are sturdier and more wear-resistant than standard options. They are designed to last longer and minimize paper scraps.
  • Various Ways of Playing: The scratch boards can be leaned against a wall, laid flat, or arranged in different combinations to integrate seamlessly into your home while protecting your furniture.

Product Dimensions:

  • Blue Dots Part: 427.5 × 300 × 135 mm
  • Yellow Diagonal Stripes Part: 360 × 300 × 45 mm
  • Black Horizontal Stripes Part: 450 × 300 × 135 mm

Net Weight: 2.12 kg

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