MOBOLI Filter element for the Water Drinking Fountain, 3 pcs per set

SKU: C005-1

For Better Drinking Water Quality

Filters impurities. Purifies water. Safe and reliable.

 Designed with a three-layered filter system inside.

A design structure of filter cotton + activated charcoal + filter cotton is more effective in filtering out the impurities and purifying the water quality.

Filtering with activated charcoal.

The activated charcoal particles and its porosity absorb and remove the organic and toxic matters in the water and the odor to become pure.

Underwater filter cotton.

An underwater circulating filtration device that further filters every trace of floating impurities in the water.

How to use.

*Before the initial use, submerge the new filter in the water fully and soak it for 15 min.

*If black particles are found, they are the activated charcoal powder. It is normal to see them. Just rinse them off the filter element with water and then install it after.

*The longevity of the filter element depends on the quality of the water, we recommend replacing the filter every 30 days or less.

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