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Square Face Cat Teasing Toy

The face is too square. It can only cover the face with an Afro-hair.

“Cats love hunting by nature, but according to research, cats only eat 28% of their prey, and cats’ hunting behavior is mainly for fun. If the cat's hunting needs are not met for a long time, it will become anxious and irritable, and it may also treat people as hunting objects and jump on and bite people. So you can simulate prey with toys with the use of cat teasing toys, help cats release their desire to hunt, and create a harmonious relationship between your cat and you.”

-From LINSLINS Encyclopedia

It cleans your cat's teeth.

Effectively relieve oral odor, reduce tartar, prevent dental diseases such as calculus by chewing or biting on it.

It helps release your cat's nature.

The dangling feathers satisfy your cat's hunting nature and relieve its anxiety.

Beautiful colors.

The three dazzling mixed colors are super attractive, and your cat will love them so much, it won't turn its eyes away.

Unique weaving.

The "arm" part is woven with three strands of cotton rope. The square face part adopts the square weaving method, which is tightly woven, making it strong and durable.

Interactive ring pull design.

The top elastic ring pull design is convenient for pulling and interacting. It makes the relationship between you and your cat closer.

Natural material

Using natural turkey feathers, you don't need to worry about your cat accidentally swallowing it. The premium cotton rope has no inducer in it, so your cat can play with it free and easy.

Product Parameters

Product Name: Square Face Cat teasing Toy

Product Material: Braided Cotton Rope, Embroidery, Elastic Rope, Turkey Feather, Ring Pull

Product Suitable For: Cats

Product Color: Orange Yellow, Red Blue, Red Yellow

Product Dimension: 20 x 9 cm

Product Weight: Net 32 g, Gross 75 g

Product Functions: Use for cat entertaining and teasing.

Please keep in mind that the feathers are natural, so there is a chance that your cat will get attracted to the feathers. Your cat might lick, bite, or rips the feathers. If your cat licks, bites or rips the feathers, these actions might damage the feathers, which is normal wear and tear.


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