Fringe Studio - Tuna Right Meow Catnip Toy

Type: Cat Toy
SKU: 79841

This product is currently only shipped to the Canadian West Coast provinces: BC, AB, SK. 

Time to seas the day! PetShop by Fringe Studio's “Tuna Right Meow” 2 piece plush toy set is purrfect for the playful kitty. Made with super soft plush, crazy crinkle paper, and North American grown catnip, these toys were designed with interactive play in mind. Great for pounce, bat, chase, and play, this set will have your kitty make playtime o-fish-al.
Made for cats of all sizes.

• 2 toys for double the fun
• Soft plush
• Crinkle paper in each toy
• North American grown catnip in each toy
• Perfect for cats of all sizes
• Tuna Can: 2" h x 4.5" w
• Fish Bone: 1.75" h x 4.5" w


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