pidan Original Tofu Cat Ltter

Got its popularity in Asia, pidan original tofu cat litter has been around for many years. More and more cat parents, new and experienced alike, are raving about this original tofu cat litter and falling in love with it after using it. Made using recycled tofu dregs, original tofu cat litter is eco-friendly. This plant fiber-based cat litter is edible, so you don't have to worry about your kitty accidentally ingests them. So, this cat litter is a good choice for kitties with digestive issues. But it's still not food, so you should stop your kitty from eating this litter. The original tofu cat litter dissolves in water, so you could flush it down the toilet, making it very convenient for you. Some people even use the clumps as fertilizers to grow plants. The odor-eliminating ability is better than most clay-based litter, other plant-based litter, and synthetic crystal litter. It also can clump quickly, so it's easy for you to scoop out. Another great feature is its ability to reduce litter tracking, so your home won't have litter scattering everywhere like a beach or construction site. Pidan original tofu cat litter has a natural scent, nothing artificial, because cats like it better that way. Any added fragrance does not improve the cat litter's performance anyways. Compared to other kitty litter, it's cost-effective: one cat, one bag, one month. Now, millions of packs of pidan original tofu cat litter are sold worldwide and increasingly trusted by new and experienced cat parents. With these many unique features, no wonder the pidan original tofu cat litter drew the oohs and ahhs from the crowd.

Pidan Original Tofu Cat Litter is available for purchase through our business partnering stores and us.