Petite's First Time Medication Experience

Petite's First Time Medication Experience

Last time when Petite went to take second vaccination, the vet also prescribed her parasites prevention pill. Tell us about to feed the pill to her in 2 weeks. The pill comes with a food ring, we can put the pill in the food ring so Petite can eat it like treats.

But we want to make sure Petite will take the whole pill, so we use pidan new Pet Medicine Feeder.
There are 3 heads to be replaced in the feeder. They are made of silicone and are very soft. One of them has a incision to put the pills in.

Petite was curious and wanted to bite. We opened her mouth and pushed the feeder down her throat. She did not resist, because the feeder head was soft and pushed in smoothly. We don't need to worry the feeder head will hurt her throat.

Recently, Petite went out very often, she is only 3 months, it is better if she takes parasites prevention pill regularly. 

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