pidan Cat Teaser Toy Accessories, Multiple Attachments in a box set

Type: Cat Toys
SKU: PD3001A3

More Combinations for More Fun

The design and materials of these accessories cater to cats' natural hunting and playing instincts. Together with the cat teasers, they offer a variety of combinations for endless fun. These accessories enhance amusement, promote bonding, and encourage exercise. Each box contains four unique accessories:

Natural Feather

Crafted with high-quality feathers and durable materials, the Natural Feather is designed to withstand vigorous play.

Plush Tail

Cats are natural predators, even when domesticated. This accessory lets them express their predatory instincts. The plush tail imitates small mammals, making playtime an exciting adventure. Your cat will love it so much they'll remind you when it's time to play.

Rustling Silver Foil

This accessory summons your cat's curiosity with its shiny, glittering appearance. It dances in the air like a fairy, enticing your cat to chase and strike at it. Made from new PET materials, it relieves boredom and keeps your cat healthy. Catch your cat's heart with the best playtime experience.

Elastic Rope

The 40 cm elastic fishing rope can bear loads up to 4 kg and stretches to 70 cm. It can be combined with other accessories for more fun, allowing for long-distance teasing and fulfilling your cat's hunting dreams.

The Importance of Play

Playing with your cat makes them feel like a predator, provides exercise, relieves boredom, promotes bonding, and is hilarious. One teaser offers unlimited possibilities. Update the accessories each season by replacing the front end, and mix and match freely.

Kind Reminder

Due to material properties, the elastic rope might bend or stretch during manufacturing, packaging, or use, resulting in a length slightly different from 40 cm. This is normal and doesn't affect the product's functionality.

Regular Replacement

Cat toys and accessories are consumables. Cats need to release their natural instincts through toys, so destruction and wear are normal. Please replace them regularly.

When playing with your cat, you can imitate animals, insects, butterflies, birds, or other creatures for varied and surprising play experiences. Balance playtime with rest time.

Feather Care

The feathers are natural, so your cat might lick, bite, or rip them. This is normal wear and tear.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Natural Feathers, Non-Toxic Plastic
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Compatibility: All pidan Cat Teaser Wands
  • Quantity: 4 Types in a Pack
  • Note: Does not include a bell

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