pidan Cat Litter Tofu & Bentonite | 2.4kg per Bag - 4 Bag Bundle | PD1605M1X4E

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pidan Cat Litter Tofu & Bentonite: The Ideal Blend for Clumping, Odor Control, and Easy Cleanup

Experience the perfect blend of Tofu and Bentonite in one bag! This unique formula offers you the benefits of both materials, ensuring enhanced clumping, effective ammonia control, and effortless cleanup. Each 2.4 kg bag contains:

  • 68% Tofu Cat Litter: Offers high absorbency and is gentle on your cat's paws.
  • 32% Bentonite: Known for its excellent clumping capabilities.
  • 1 Bag 2.4 kg  

    Shelf life: 24 months

The pioneer of mixed cat litter.

  • Original mixed cat litter, self-developed automatic production line.
  • The ability to absorb water, deodorize, and clump needed for cat litter is gathered and done in one pack.

Scientific proportioning makes suitable cat litter.

  • 68% tofu cat litter + 32% bentonite cat litter, considering water absorption and deodorizing ability.

Key Features:

  • Dual-Ingredient Formula: Combines the absorbency of tofu with the clumping power of bentonite.
  • Canadian Quality: 🍁Made with Canadian peas.
  • Ammonia Control: Highly effective in neutralizing ammonia odors for a fresher litter box.
  • Selected Natural Sodium-Based Bentonite: With STA particles to firmly lock in odors.
  • Flushable: Safe to flush down the toilet for easy disposal.
  • Comfortable Texture: The pellets are gentle on your cat's paws and minimize the likelihood of getting caught in your cat's claws or paw pads.

  • The clumping is firm. Tiny particles of bentonite can fill the void of tofu cat litter and clump easily.


  • Storage: Store in a dry and cool place for longevity.

  • Transportation Note: During transportation, the package can collide, causing the bag to lose its vacuum. This does not affect the cat litter's function and shelf life. The primary purpose of the vacuum packaging is to reduce dust and minimize the package size for easier shipping. The quality and effectiveness of the cat litter remain unchanged even if the vacuum seal is compromised.

  • Color Variation: Different batches of cat litter may vary slightly in color, which is normal.

    How to Use:

    1. Evenly spread the cat litter in the litter box to a depth of about 1.5 to 2 inches or 5 to 7 cm.
    2. Daily remove and dispose of feces and clumped urine to maintain cleanliness in the litter box.
    3. Clumps and feces can be directly flushed down the toilet.
    4. It's recommended to replace the cat litter monthly and clean the litter box.

    Note: Although this cat litter is flushable, it's advisable not to flush a large quantity at once to prevent toilet clogs.

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