pidan Bowtie Collar

Type: Cat Collar
SKU: PD2981A1

Cute, safe, and secure.

This collar is safe for cats to use. The collar will automatically unbuckle when it got pulled with a force that's as much as the power of twisting open a water bottle with your hand. This way, it prevents your cat from suffocating or injuring in extreme cases.

With the help of the tri-glide adjuster, as long as your cat has a neck circumference between 18 -30 cm, our bow tie collar will fit it perfectly.

Made of premium polyester silk and design patterns printed on both sides, making your cat look chic.

Six styles to choose from. Dark Shadow Op Art, Color Block Fauvism, Vintage Stripes, Abstract Grids, Dreamy Camouflage, and Yayoi Kusama Style Polka Dots.


1. This product cannot be used in place of the leash collar.

2. This product is washable.

3. Air dry after washing. And avoid exposure to direct light.

4. Use only neutral detergents to avoid corrosion and color fade.

Product information.

Our cat bow tie collar is suitable for cats.

Size: 10 x (180 to 300) mm

Weight: 9 g

Material: Polyester silk, POM




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