pidan "Zen Garden" Cooling Cat Bed

SKU: PD2020G1

On a hot day, the temperature is high, and your cat is overheating. Overheating can make your cat unhealthy, so it's vital to help your cat to maintain its ideal body temperature. But taking your cat to a groomer and shave its hair will make your cat unhappy. Cats don't like water and turning on the air condition may make it catch a cold. What exactly can be done to prevent the overheating issue?

The Zen Garden Style Cooling Cat Bed can help you solve the overheating problem!

Inspired by the Japanese Zen Garden, the ripple in the center symbolizes water. There is no water in it, but it seems like there's water. And the color, metallic grey. Joining them together creates a refreshing feeling the Zen way.

This bed is made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy has high thermal conductivity, and the higher the thermal conductivity, the better the cooling effect. Therefore, it can quickly help your cat to cool naturally. So, your cat's health will not get affected.

About cleaning-up this cat bed, it is simple. You can keep it clean by wiping it with a damp cloth because hair and dust don't stick to the bed.

Also, there is an anti-slip device at the bottom to keep the cat bed stable. And your cat prefers to lie in a steady bed.

So don't think and wait. Now, let your cat enjoy its hot days using this natural cooling, easy cleaning, and Zen feeling cat bed.

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