pidan Pet Triangular Hammock Bed

SKU: PD2002L1

Limited Space? No Worries!

This pet hammock is big. But you’ll notice that it won’t take much of your living space. You now can have a perfect home layout. That includes yours and your pet’s furniture. No sacrifices, no overcrowding, no pressure!

More Space, More Comfort, More Freedom in Every Way

This pet hammock has a curved edge. It adds more space to the hammock. So, your cat can move around freely and comfortably. Or lie down in any way it wants. Also, it hangs at a reasonable height from the ground. No problem for your cat to jump onto it.

Wow! It’s Good Looking.

The primary material of the pet hammock is beechwood. And it gets more attractive as it ages. When your guests come to your home, they will praise you for having a beautiful piece of furniture at home.

Safety, Durability, and Money Well Spent are Important.

Your cat is safe and secure when it’s taking a rest or playing on it. Because copper alloy screws hold up the triangular structure firmly. And beechwood absorbs shock, can take a lot of pressure over time, and can’t be easily broken. Also, cotton-linen is highly flexible and durable. So, it also won’t break easily.

Every wood piece used is high temperature treated, passed the quality test. The wood surface is eco-friendly wood wax treated only; no formaldehyde contained. This pet hammock will not harm your pet in any way.

You don’t need to worry about your pet’s safety. Or the pet hammock getting worn out and must spend money to get a replacement.

Easy to Clean

The pet hammock is easy to keep in good condition. The fabric doesn’t get dirty quickly. If it’s dirty, wash the fabric with the washing machine. For the wood pieces, clean with water and then wipe dry. No time wasted.

Now imagine having this wooden triangular pet hammock in your home. Your pet is sleeping comfortably and peacefully on it while you watch TV on your sofa. It’s wonderful!



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