pidan T-Rex Dog Toy

Type: Dog Toy
SKU: PD8005R1

Dinosaur Style Chew Toy

Here comes the little dinosaur.

For every doggy who has nowhere to deplete its vigorous energy, the little T-Rex will take good care of you.

It will always be with your lovely doggy.

Use it to deepen the bond with your dog through interactive play.

Use it to keep your dog occupied when it's home by itself.

It doubles your dog's pleasure because your dog could play and snack at the same time.

 Dental chew and chewing toy combination, a play upgrade.

Uneven design that cleans deep.

The jagged edges at the back of the dinosaur are like toothpicks or dental floss, helping maintain your dog's oral health. So, your dog's teeth stay healthy and strong.

Designed to suit small-sized and mid-sized dogs.

It is more suitable for the teeth development state of small and medium dogs.

Premium material is used, so it's more long-lasting.

The solid TPR material specially selected for dogs is more resilient than rubber and has a longer service life.


1. The white part of this product is a starch-based dental chew, which is detachable and edible.

2. The orange part of this product is an inedible chew toy. Please let your dog play under your supervision, and be careful not to let your dog swallow it.

3. Please rinse the chew toy with clean water regularly and so it

can be used repeatedly after it is kept away from light and dried.

4. Please keep away from corrosive and high-temperature environments.

5. Due to the manufacturing process, it is normal to have indentations on the surface.

6. The service life of this product is closely related to your dog's chewing behavior. It is recommended to observe and guide your dog when using the chew toy for the first time.

Product Information

My name is Dog Toy Dinosaur Type

My target user is dogs 3 months old and up.

My size is 18 x 12.3 x 3 cm.

My net weight is 118 grams.

I'm made of TPR, corn starch, and little traces of chicken meat.

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