pidan "Sky Ladder" Cat Tree

Type: Cat climber
SKU: PD3104M1

pidan "Sky Ladder" Cat Tree is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Can I taste the clouds if I climb high enough?

A climbing ladder designed to cater to the nature of cats who like to climb high.

Your cat's happiness worth a thousand gold. 

  • The cat climbing ladder only takes up 4.41 sqft of your space. Create a paradise for cats with the smallest footprint possible.

Full of fun. From ground to sky-high.

  • Four-tier of jumping platforms.
  • One suspended hammock.
  • One comfortable cushion.
  • A 49 x 39 cm premium sisal cat scratcher.
  • It holds up to 30 kg. Allow three cats to play on it at the same time.
  • Assemble easily by one person.

Customized cushion at the top.

  • The cat's exclusive lookout has never been so comfortable.

Product Information

  • This product is suitable for cats.
  • Size: 92.5 x 42 x 145 cm
  • Material: Maple wood, Pinewood, Multilayered board

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