pidan Sheep Nest

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Cute Lamb Style, Lovely and Playful

The nest is styled as a cute lamb, pure and clean. It adds some playfulness in the home. The size is just right and both cats and dogs can use it. 

Full of Warmth, Care with Quality

The nest is made of crystal soft fabric and strictly selected PP cotton padding, so the touch is soft and delicate. This soft and warm nest is thick and does not deform so the quality is reliable. It gives your pet full of love and warmth just like sleeping peacefully in the arms of the pet's owner.

Thoughtful Designs, A Nest Both You and Your Pet Be Pleased

The nest is a semi-closed pet bed and it satisfies your pet's natural instinct of hiding. It is covered with short plush so your pet's fur does not easily stick. The pad inside is removable and washable. It is convenient to clean. 

Little Tips on Cleaning

  1. It is recommended to place the nest under direct sunlight every week to disinfect and kill germs.
  2. Clean the drifting fur on the inner pad every day and keep the inside of the nest clean and dry.
  3. It is recommended to wash the inner pad every week to reduce bacterial health. 

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