pidan Pet Paw Cleansing Foam, Unscented, 150 ml

SKU: PD5201A2

Instant clean.


Use it right away. Remove the cap, lightly press the spray head, and your pet can enjoy a foamy bubble bath in just a second.

It comes with a silicone massaging brush head. The brush head has 184 massaging tips, and each tip is 1 mm wide. The massaging tips will reach into hard to reach areas and perform deep cleaning. The brush head can be dissembled when you want to wash it.

The mild and non-irritating cleansing foam is made of plant extracts. The foam moisturizes and nourishes your pet's paw. Also, it prevents your pet from a dry, cracked paw and relieves minor skin problems.

After cleansing, you just need to wipe with a tissue or wet wipe. No need to rinse with water.

Because the formula is non-toxic. Your pet is safe to lick its paws after using the cleansing foam.

How to use.

1. Shake lightly before using it.

2. Press the spray head to form a foam and apply it to your pet's paw. 

3. Clean your pet's paw with the cleaning brush.

4. Just wipe dry to finish.


1. This product is for pet use only. And it's for external use. Don't take it orally.

2. Dissemble the massaging brush head after use. Rinse clean with water to prevent bacteria from growing.

3. When not using, place the product at a place out of a child's reach.

Product information.

Our pet paw cleansing foam is suitable for cats and dogs. 

Volume: 150 ml

Shelf life: 36 months

Ingredients: Alkyl polyglycosides, polypeptide, plant extract.


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