pidan Original Composite Cat Litter: Original Tofu + Bentonite

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pidan Original Composite Cat Litter: Original Tofu + Bentonite - 1 Bag, 7 L is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Mix Ratio Science

This good cat litter has a cumulative sales of 6,000,000 bags worldwide since 2018 and counting.

Hot selling in more than ten countries and regions.

Bentonite from Mineral Technologies USA.

Premium mineral, together with STA odor removing particles, firmly locks the odor.

Mixed with premium bean dregs.

Sponge-like super liquid absorbing capacity, lightweight, and dust free.

A cat litter this good is made by mixing.

 Absorbing power, MAX!

Deodorizing power, MAX!

Clumping power, MAX!

Mixing maximizes liquid absorption.

 The liquid absorption is 5X better.
Saving a lot on usage!

The improved tofu cat litter pellets increase the contact area and clump firmly before liquids sinking to the bottom.

Mixing maximizes clumping power.

Small particles of bentonite fill the gaps in the tofu cat litter,

making the clumping firmer and the wrapping more comprehensive.

Mixing maximizes deodorizing power.

We added in functional particles.

Black activated charcoal particles have lots of micro sockets that can suck in the unpleasant odor.

Blue STA particles can reduce the spread of unpleasant odor.

Super convenient!

Kind Reminder

1. It is impossible to avoid road bumps and parcel collisions during transit, causing the packaging to lose vacuum. Don't worry, because the packaging vacuum is to remove dust, facilitate packing and easy stock up, and have no effects on cat litter's function. Please use it with confidence.

2. To prevent clogging, do not flush excessive cat litter down the toilet at one time.

3. Regarding color difference: The color of different cat litter batches may be slightly different, which is normal. Please use it with confidence.

4. We recommend scoop out the clumped cat litter every day. And, regularly replace the cat litter and clean the litter box.

Product Info

Product Name: pidan Composite Cat Litter

Suitable For: Cats, All ages

Product Dimension: 23.5 x 23.5 x 9.5 cm

Net Weight: 3.6 kg

Material: Original Tofu Cat Litter, Bentonite 

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