pidan Dog Potty Training Pad Holder

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Indoor toilet for dogs.

You need to pee or poop, and so does your dog. When you need to, you go to the bathroom freely. But if your dog cannot pee or poop at home, your dog must hold its pee or poop back until someone takes it out for a walk.

Holding pee or poop back is unhealthy. For the sake of your dog's health, let your dog pee or poop at home when it needs to. Having an indoor dog toilet at home and potty train your dog is necessary.

Every dog needs potty training. With our indoor dog toilet, you can potty train less stressful because it's evident for your dog to know where to find the bathroom. And then, life gets easier ever after.

Our indoor dog toilet has an easy open and close design. So, changing the potty pad cannot be simpler. To open, lift it with one hand. It's convenient and effortless.

Usually, when a potty pad soaks up the urine, the whole pad gets wet. You must pick it up so you can dispose of it. But no one wants urine on the hands. Our indoor toilet's concave arc base prevents the liquid from spreading further and leaking. So, there no chance to get urine on your hand when you want to pick up and throw the used training pad away.

Our dog toilet design is unique and efficient. It's a concentric squares long stripe panel. Also, it can be separated, and there is an outlet for water. This way, not only it provides comfort to the dog's paw and also allows you to clean it more easily.

For the best results, you use it with our matching potty pad. It fits perfectly with our dog toilet.

Guide for potty training.

1. Put the potty pad in the dog toilet and then place it at a fixed position in your home.

2. Usually, your dog has a particular time to pee or poop like when it just woke up, just finished a meal, and after playtime. Guide the dog to the dog toilet at these particular times and then patiently wait for your dog to pee or poop. When it finished, you praise to let it know it's doing the right thing. This way, your dog knows this is the place where it needs to use the toilet.

3. If your dog pee or poop outside of the designated area, clean the pee or poop without leaving any smell. Do not yell at or punish your dog because it may not understand the meaning, it will only be scared by you. Potty training still requires your patience and your dog's repeating learning to succeed.

4. If your dog pee or poop on the indoor dog toilet, give your dog a pat and let it know how well it did. Don't give your dog treats as a reward. Because this may cause your dog to think it needs to pee or poop to get the treat. This is unhealthy. So it is best to encourage your dog with words.


1. Replace the potty pad regularly and clean the dog toilet periodically.

2. This product is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. We recommend not to let dogs outside the scope of this reminder use this product.

3. If there's damage to the product, stop using it immediately to prevent leakage or to prevent from injuring your dog.

Product information.

Our indoor dog toilet is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

Material: ABS plastic, silica gel

Size: 610 x 610 x 68 mm

Weight: 2200 g

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