pidan Cat Bed, Window Perch Hammock Type, 1 scratching board included

SKU: PD2008M1

pidan Cat Bed, Window Perch Hammock Type, 1 scratching board included is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Window Perch Hammock

Enjoy the sun and a 360-degree panoramic view.


Bask in the sun is natural health care for cats. It supplements vitamin D, promotes calcium absorption, and eliminates parasites.

For more safety, we re-designed the suction cup. The 3-layered screw-in suction cup strengthens the bearing capacity. Each suction cup is 80 mm in diameter which can bear up to 10 kg.

Fixed at four points to prevent falling off, giving cats a sense of security. It is recommended for pets under 15 kg. It's okay to jump on it occasionally.

Over, over-sized cotton linen fabric. Room to enjoy a good stretch or even roll around. The fabric size is 45 x 41 cm.

Felt support belt that is extra wide and extra thick. It provides sufficient support to eliminate hidden dangers of cuts. A scratching board is included, rest or play is all up to your cat.

Because of the 15 degrees inclination, it will not tip over even after long term use. So your cat could sleep more securely on it.

Thoughtfully designed details. Use it anytime and store it when you want to. The suction cup leaves no mark when removed and can be used repeatedly so that you can move the hammock freely. The beech wooden support contains no formaldehyde so that you can use it right away. The acrylic decorative panels are in citrus orange and moss green color, and they liven the space.

This product is applicable to a sealed, hard, clean, and flat surface. You'll need a vertical flat surface at least 100 cm in length and 100 cm in width. 

Product parts:

1. Suction cup set x 4; 2. Wooden stick x 2;

3. Hammock x 1; 4. Acrylic board (Orange) x 1;

5. Acrylic board (Green) x 1; 6. Felt belt x 2;

7. Corrugated board x 1; 8. Screws x 4

Precautions for suction cup installation


1. This product is suitable for pets with bodyweight 15 kg or under.
2. Make sure the surface is dry and clean when using this product. Otherwise, it'll affect the suction.
3. When the suction cup becomes dirty or mildly changes its shape, wash the suction cup with clean with hot water and it will return to its original shape. And you may use it normally again.
4. Do not place heavy or fragile things on this product.
5. Do not place this product at a place that is easily reached by young children.

6. Suction cup and screw, do not twist too tightly.

Product information

This product is suitable for cats.

This product bears up to 15 kg.

The size of this product is 58 x 45 x 62.2 cm

The weight of this product is 975 g.


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