Mount Fuji Scratcher Cat Bed

The mysterious oriental charm that lights up the light of hope.

Looks great anywhere. Durable premium quality. Practical use. 

A Classic Famous Mountian Design

This unique Mount Fuji Design cat bed looks elegant. You can place it against the wall to embellish the home atmosphere.

Premium Material

High-density corrugated paper can withstand grinding and scratching.


A double-Sided wooden board makes it even more stable.

The snow peak part is metal, and it's exquisite and delicate.

The Highlight is The Sunrise Felt!

Uniquely designed sunrise felt fabric not only makes your cat feel comfortable; it also makes watching the sunrise from Mount Fuji at a different angle more interesting.

Stable and durable. Easy to move around.

The jute rope coiled solid wood beam-column makes it more stable, and your cat can grind its nail or play with it. Also, you can use the beam-column as a handle to carry the cat bed around.


One large piece of wave scratcher inside.

Durable. Your cat can grind its nails or sleep on the scratcher. Comfortable and private.


Product Information

Product Name: Metropet Mount Fuji Scratcher Cat Bed with Scratcher Beam-column

Product Color: Classic Blue, Orange-yellow, Off-white

Product Dimension: 58.3 x 200 x 370 cm

Product Material: Furniture Wood Board, Metal Board, Corrugated Paper, Felt, Solid Wood, Jute Rope

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