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LINSLINS LUMINOUS TASSEL CAT TEASING TOY - Blue & Pink is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Luminus Tassel Cat teasing Toy

Luminous material + catnip, start a new way to play with your cat.

“Cats love hunting by nature, but according to research, cats only eat 28% of their prey, and cats’ hunting behavior is mainly for fun. If the cat's hunting needs are not met for a long time, it will become anxious and irritable, and it may also treat people as hunting objects and jump on and bite people. So you can simulate prey with toys with the use of cat teasing toys, help cats release their desire to hunt, and create a harmonious relationship between your cat and you.”

-From LINSLINS Encyclopedia

Product Features

It satisfies your cat's hunting nature.

The luminous material is more attractive. It satisfies the cat's night hunting nature. 
Please place it in a well-lit place during the day and start to shine at night.

It takes care of your cat's health.

 High-quality catnip promotes digestion and relieves gastrointestinal diseases.
By chewing, it can effectively relieve bad mouth odor and prevent dental diseases.

It Increases your cat's amount of exercise.

The swaying tassels and the fragrance of natural catnip stimulate the cat's hunting nature. Let the cat spin and jump to mobilize the cat's enthusiasm and vitality and maintain an elegant and good figure.

Interactive ring pull design.

The top elastic ring pull design is convenient for pulling and interacting. It makes the relationship between you and your cat closer.

 It's well made.

The braided cotton rope is resistant to biting and scratching. The tassel is soft to the touch and does not hurt your cat's teeth.

 Well-chosen material.

Selected high-quality cotton rope and natural catnip used and no inducer added, so it's safe and non-toxic. The high-quality elastic rope has a good ability to spring back into shape, so you don't need to worry about pulling. Your cat can play with ease.


Product Name: Luminous Tassel Cat Teasing toy

Product Material: Luminous Thread, Polyester thread, Elastic Rope, Natural Catnip, PP Cotton

Product Suitable For: Cats

Product Color: Blue & Pink, Pink & Green

Product Dimension: 4.7 x 4.7 x 10 cm

Product Weight: Net 40 g

Product Functions: Use for cat entertaining and teasing.

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