pidan Multi-purpose Pet Brush with Velcro Strap

SKU: PD3404Y1

pidan Multi-purpose Pet Brush with Velcro Strap is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This pet brush is multi-purpose. You use this for bathing, brushing, and massaging your cat. Saves you money on getting different brushes for each activity.

There are 298 projecting comb teeth on this pet brush. That’s more comb teeth than products of a similar kind. The comb teeth are densely positioned so that the efficiency and effectiveness of massaging and removing loose hair are doubled. Your cat feels more comfortable and enjoyable when you use this pet brush on it.

When bathing, brushing, or massaging your cat, compared to a glove style brush, the Velcro type is more comfortable to take off from the hand. Also, it is more breathable. You can use it when dry or wet.

The brush’s symmetrical design allows both right and left-handed people to use. And the Velcro strap is adjustable, so your hand can fit in this brush.

The backside of the brush has line segment grips. These grips make sure your hand doesn’t slip and helps you easily to apply force. Your cat’s session of massaging and grooming is uninterrupted.

You can wash and clean the brush with ease. Since it’s easy to maintain, the brush lasts a longer lifetime. You won’t need to get a new one because this one will last forever.

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