Pet Bowl with Stand


by pidan




Chubby cats are cute, but healthier cats are cuter. Stop overfeeding and raise a cat scientifically, starting with the bowl. 


Pet bowl with platform photo 2

Make your cat enjoy every meal

Large oblique rim reduces cat food dropping out and is suitable for flat-faced. cats.

Pet bowl with platform photo 2

Ingenious design for scientific feeding

15° sloping platform and 77-90mm adjustable height. The height is adjustable by rotating the bowl on the rack.

Pet bowl with platform photo 3

Peace of mind with ease of use

Made with safe and non-toxic high-quality polycarbonate. Break-resistant, durable and easy to clean. Anti-skid platform bottom.

Pet bowl with platform photo 6

Cat bowl that gives your cat a healthier life

Each bowl can hold about 70g of food or 250ml of water.

Pet bowl with platform photo 6

Use direction
  • The bowl is not suitable for microwave oven, only for room temperature environment.
  • It is recommended to rinse with warm water before the first use.
  • When the bowl and the bracket are combined, please press the buckle lightly to ensure the stability of the bowl.
  • For the health of the cat, it is recommended to wash the bowl frequently and replace the food regularly and feed the cats at regular intervals.

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