Cat Litter Box - Snow Mountain


by pidan


A Gift That Gives Cat Purity and Naturalness

The inspiration came from a snow mountain, a gift that gives your cat purity and naturalness

The mysterious Kawagebo mountain has a spotless tranquility. The design is inspired by this tranquility of the snow-capped mountain. The opening has flow line with a natural vitality that brought the purity of nature to the cat. 

Open cat litter box, clean the litter with ease

The embedded and detachable structure makes the litter box's lid to be easily separated from the base.

Cat litter box - snow mountain component diagram

 Easy to detach for cleaning in just 3 steps
1. Smooth the litter  2. Lift up the lid of the litter box  3. Replace the litter


Cat litter box - snow mountain lifting lid

The capacity of the litter box is just right 

It is recommended to pour 3kg capacity of the cat litter at a time. Clean the litter box regularly to keep the interior clean. (The litter box can hold 6kg of cat litter)

Spacious space 

Cats of various size can enter and leave this pure, clean, and comfortable toilet environment freely. (A 6.5kg cat can also use it conveniently)

A device that removes the excess litter off the cat's paw

Entrance footboard with vertical stripes tilting inwards reduces litter from taken out of the litter box.

A reasonably extended height of the edge

Recessed litter box wall reduces litter being splashed out while cats cover their feces and urine and prevent urine leakage.

Pair it with litter shovel with holder 

A curved wide surface shovel makes scooping easy. The shovel holder makes storing more convenient. *Sold separately.

Pure, clean, and eco-friendly with reliability assured

Using IONPURE anti-bacterial technology, your cat can receive the same security protection of a baby grade so the reliability can be assured.

Smooth elegant streamline and simple color choices

This litter box has a temperament of tranquility and elegance and can be integrated into different styles of the home environment. 

Color available in tranquil white and cool grey

Cat litter box - snow mountain product info