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Cat Litter Shovel Set

Stores the litter shovel, one shovel, two uses, a multi-functional dustpan.

Linslins Cat Litter Shovel Set Won The 2020 Good Design Award in Japan.

With its logo, G Mark, the Good Design Award has gained wide recognition and authority and has become a leading international award in the design industry. It is also known as the world’s four major designs, German IF, Red Dot, and American IDEA Awards.

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"This is a cat litter shovel set which you can compactly store away by putting the shovel inside the container. Careful consideration has been paid regarding how it’s used and how it’s stored so that it is very user-friendly, as the shape of the shovel makes it easy to scoop, and the shape of the container including the inclination of the leading edge makes it easy to throw away cat litter, easy to set up and take away, and it can be stored away smartly."

- From The Evaluation of Good Design Award

Product Features

One Shovel Two Functions, A Whole New User Experience.

The cat litter shovel is paired with a multi-functional small dustpan, which combines the functions of holding cat litter and storing the cat litter shovel in one, bringing you a new experience of shoveling cat litter.

8 Millimeter Hole Width, Quickly Separates The Cat Litter and The Clumps

Long strip-shape leakage holes with large hole width can quickly filter the unused cat litter and save its usage.

10-Degree Tilt

The 10-degree tilt design of the whole body makes it easy to reach for and hold.

Curved Shape Design

Curved shape shovel makes separating the cat litter faster and throwing away the cat litter easier.

Material Carefully Chosen and Crafted with Heart

Made with premium ABS material, matte treatment, durable, and non-slip. So, it's more comfortable to hold.

Light and Elegant Colors. Pure Color is Minimalist.

Choose either retro avocado green or playful peach pink to satisfy the low-key fashion of you and your cat.

Product Parameters

Product Name: Cat Litter Shovel Set

Product Material: ABS Plastic

Product Suitable For: Cat

Product Dimension: 12.5 x 9.6 x 33 cm

Product Weight: Net 216 g, Gross 509 g

Product Function: To Clean and Throw Away used Cat Litter

Product Color: Avocado Green / Peach Pink


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