MOBOLI Pet Carrier, Travel Capsule Type

Type: Pet Carrier

MOBOLI Pet Carrier, Travel Capsule Type is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Travel Capsule. Cat Carrier.

Take the cat out to play!

Adopt German engineering-grade ABS. Remarkably strong and elegant.

Lightweight. Fashion. Warm. Safe.

Design features.

Patented design: Pet petting hole.

One carrier for dual-use. Carrier. Pet bed.

Premium TPE material soft handle.

The safe metal lock makes traveling more assured.

A comfortable feeling knob opens and closes the front door easily.

Transparent and lightweight.
Premium ABS material. Beauty through technology.

Panoramic view. Remarkably chic.

Safety buckle, transparent door, comfortable feeling knob, perfect fit.

The travel capsule satisfies the cat's hiding nature that needs to observe things and a sense of security.

Note: The high-quality ABS resin material is safe for cats, and it's a material that cats won't dislike. The rounded interior design allows cats to roll around inside the travel capsule without restraint, so when the travel capsule is in the form of the pet bed, most cats will like to enter the capsule to rest. However, don't force the cat to enter unless you have to because forcing the cat to enter will cause the cat to dislike the travel capsule.


Product Info

Product Size: 47 x 31.5 x 31 cm

Net Weight: 1.3 kg

Material: ABS (Body), TPE (Handle), Stainless Steel

Color: Blue

Suitable For: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits that are under 7 kg. 



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