pidan Dog Chewing Toy, Apple Core Type

Type: Dog Toy
SKU: PD8001Y1

pidan Dog Chewing Toy, Apple Core Type is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Interesting Apple Core.

One lonely apple core.

Looking to spend its quality time with your dog.

Unique design. Accompany your dog even in the boring time.

The apple hit Newton and then he discovered gravity;
when the apple core meets your dog, chewing becomes something great.

It jumps. And it sharpens your dog's mind.

The bouncing track is irregular, making this chewing toy even more fascinating.
It arouses the dog's curiosity and its nature to hunt.

Geometric bulging pattern. Keeps the gum clean.

After your dog finishes its meal, there will be pieces stuck between its teeth.
Let your dog play chew on the apple core after a meal will reduce dental calculus.

Selecting and using premium material. The inside is solid.

The durable TPR material used to make this is elastic and delicate.
It's resistant to bite and wear.

It's water-repellent.

Very easy to clean.




1. Rinse with clean water after use. And then store it away after it dries to prevent germs or bacteria growth.

2. Please don't use bleach or any corrosive detergent to wash or wipe this product.

3. This product is a consumable product for chewing. It needs to be replaced periodically.



Product Information

This product is suitable for a small-sized or medium-sized dog.

Dimension: 6.2 x 6.2 x 10.2 cm

Weight: 47 g

Material: TPR

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