pidan Pet Paw Cleaning Cube

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Wash and massage.

Wash away the dirt, germs, and other weird stuff that your dog may bring home from outside with our pet paw cleaning cube. It is convenient to use and specially designed for pets who love to go outdoors.

Wash and massage by merely rotating it and with a little squeeze. The bottom has thick brush needles for massage. The side has thin brush needles for washing. Together, they effectively remove dirt and give your dog a total spa treatment for its paws.

The brush needles are round-tipped and made of silicone. They are soft and comfortable to the touch. Tender loving care for your dog in detail.

Designed to be easily maintained. For maintenance, you only need to pull the brush out of the cubic envelope and rinse it with water. Dry it. And then you fold up the brush and put it back into the envelope. Fast and easy!

How to use.

1. Before washing, put clean water or paw cleansing foam into the pet paw cleaning cube.

2. Place your pet's paw into the cube. Rotate the cube to start washing. Squeeze a bit while rotating for more hardened dirt.

3. After washing, remove your pet's paw from the cube and wipe the paw with a dry towel or paper towel. 

4. Take the brush out of the outer shell and rinse with clean water. And then wipe dry or air dry the brush and the envelope. When dried, put the brush back into the outer shell. 


1. The full product can be washed. Keep dry and store well after use to prevent bacteria growth. 

2. Don't force this product on your pet to prevent your pet from resisting.

3. For the best result, pair it with our paw cleaning foam. Click to buy it now.

Product information.

Our pet paw cleaning cube is suitable for cats and dogs.

Size: 74 x 74 x 90 mm

Weight: 235 g

Material: TPU, silicone



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