pidan Retractable Pendant Cat Teasing Toy, 2 types

SKU: PD3704W1

Cat Angling Game

A small fishing game to play with your cat.

An automated cat teasing toy.

The hanging "cat bait" raises and lowers, catching the attention of your cat.

Intended to make loads of joy and double the cuteness!

Every time you turn it on, it runs for 500 seconds and turns off by itself.

Or, you can turn it off manually.

The bait will retract automatically.


There's catnip inside the cat bait.

The bait is made of super soft fabric. 

And the bait has a slice of compressed catnip inserted in it.

The catnip releases an aroma that cats like so much.


The bait is switchable.

You can switch to any pidan cat teasing toy accessories.


Place it anywhere. Play with it anytime.

It fits any flat surface with a thickness of 0.8 - 4.6 cm.

The rope length is 65 cm, excluding the bait part.

Leave enough space for the bait to move right underneath the toy.


Steps for Usage

1.  Slide to separate the body and clear base.


2. Unscrew the battery casing.


3. Place two AAA batteries in it and then screw back the cover.


4. Fasten and stabilize the base at the desired spot.


5. Slide the body into the base.


6. Press the round on/off button to start.



1. Only the hanging pendant is washable, preferably with water. The other parts are not washable.

2. The batteries and screwdriver are not included.

3. Please note that the string may break when the cat chews the rope. This is normal and not a defect because the rope is not made of indestructible material. 


Product Information

Suitable for: Cats

Weight: 136.5 g

Size: 10.1 x 5.5 x 17.1 cm

Material: ABS (body), PC (base), Crystal super soft short plush (pendant)

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