pidan Pet Tunnel for Cats, Alligator Type

SKU: PD3503B1

Alligator Tunnel for Your Cat to Play, Rest, & Hide

Let's play hide and seek!

Your cat loves adventure. Play a fun and exciting game with your cat with this.

One tunnel, multiple ways to use it.

Watch your cat shuttle through the tunnel back and forth like parkour.

Your cat can lay down and sleep in the tunnel whenever.

Your cat will have even more fun when you play with it using a teaser toy.

 The tunnel holds its shape well. It doesn't collapse.

There are 2 pieces of PET support inside, and they effectively prevent the tunnel from losing its shape.

Big cats, too, can play with confidence.

The opening at both ends is tall and wide for the majority body size of cats.

Premium felt fabric.

2 mm added to the base's thickness, so it feels soft and thick, just like the palm of a hand.

Put together by a snap.

Snap buttons are very reliable, and your pet's hair won't get caught in it.

Convenient to take care of.

Every piece of felt can be disassembled individually. Remove the pet hair on the felt fabric regularly and keep the toy clean to take care of your cat's health.

How to put together.

Step 1: Align 2 and 1. Then snap them together.

Step 2: Align 3 and 1. Then snap them together.

Step 3. Align 4 and 3. Then snap them together.

Step 4: Align 5 and 3. Then snap them together.

 Kind reminder.

1. This product cannot be washed by water.

2. The photos are photos of the actual product. Please understand that the photos may have a color difference because of the light and angle than the actual product.

3. Please keep this product away from fire and anything corrosive.

Product information.

Name: pidan Pet Tunnel, Alligator Type

Suitable For: Cats

Dimension: 103 x 48 x 10.2 cm

Weight: 530 g

Material: Polyester Fiber

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