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Little Parrot Catnip Cat Teasing Toy

Ugly cute looking parrot in yellow and green color.

"For cats, catnip is a natural stimulant that can help cats relieve stress and relax. Some cats who smell catnip will stay in a daze, some will sneeze, and some will roll on the ground. Some will keep meowing, and some will drool. In fact, these behaviors are the cat's happy performance and will not cause any harm to the cat. Catnip is not addictive, but not all cats will react to catnip."

- From LINSLINS Encyclopedia

Product Features

It cleans your cat's teeth.

Effectively relieve oral odor, reduce tartar, prevent dental diseases such as calculus.

It helps release your cat's nature.

Satisfy your cat's hunting nature and relieve its anxiety.

It increases your cat's amount of exercise.

Consume the cat's excess energy and maintain an elegant and good figure.

Interactive ring pull design.

The top elastic ring pull design is convenient for pulling and interacting. It makes the relationship between you and your cat closer.

Traditional weaving.

The braided cotton rope is resistant to biting and scratching.

Tassel design

The tassel is soft to the touch and does not hurt your cat's teeth. It's resistant to bite and tear and doesn't shed.

Well-chosen material

Selected high-quality cotton rope is lightweight, and the catnip inside is non-toxic and safe to bite and chew.

Product Parameters

Product Name: Little Parrot Catnip Cat teasing Toy

Product Material: Braided Cotton Rope, Embroidery, Elastic Rope, Catnip Slice, Ring Pull

Product Suitable For: Cats

Product Color: Yellow Green

Product Dimension: 9.2 x 4.6 cm

Product Weight: Net 14 g, Gross 60g

Product Functions: Use for cat entertaining and teasing.


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