pidan "Memphis of Egypt" Cat Scratching Board, Wave Type

SKU: PD3309A1

pidan "Memphis of Egypt" Cat Scratching Board, Wave Type is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Wavy scratching board.

This Memphis of Eygpt style artwork expresses a variety of culturally rich personalities with colors that are lucid, amusing, and bright hue with high chroma.

Break the dullness and let the wave add a playful side to your home.

Lasts for a long time and cost-saving because both front and back can be used.

Gives your cat a lot of pleasure because your cat can scratch and sleep on as it wishes. 

Made with premium high-density corrugated paper so it's durable, smooth, neat, and clean. 


1. Keep this product dry. Don't place it in a humid area.

2. Change regularly, this product is a consumable.

Product information.

This product is suitable for cats.

Size: 590 x 83 x 265 mm

Weight: 990 g

Material: Corrugated paper

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