METROPET Replacement Part for Cat Scratching Board, Japanese Torii type


Japanese Torii Cat Climber Replacement

Torii iconic styling. A mysterious charm.

Designer says,
The Torii cat climber is a combination of many materials such as a scratching board, felt cloth, sisal rope, and more. Placing against the wall and it won't take up too much space. Multiple cats can use it at the same time. The main body frame is solid wood and shows the quality. The shape comes from the iconic Japanese torii, a symbolic spiritual totem. It can match any style of home interior.


There is such an architecture in Japan.

Warm red collides with low-key black.

Makes a visual impact without losing its coordination.

It is said that when you get close to it.

It seems that it can open the door between God's Domain and the world.

It's awe-inspiring.

An ingenious design.

It's functional as well as beautiful.

It doesn't occupy much space.

It makes your cat happy.

The quality of solid wood furniture.

Exquisite raw materials, handmade, and beautifully crafted.

Comfort is the foundation, and quality is added.

Adapts to any home and furniture.

The Japanese Torii shape is a great home decoration.

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