pidan Original Composite Cat Litter 3.5 kg 7 L per bag

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Type: Cat Litter
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Composite Cat Litter is a mixture of 70% tofu cat litter and 30% bentonite cat litter. This eco-friendly, flushable, and water-soluble mixture produces maximum power for liquid absorbency, odor control, and clumping. As a result, this cat litter brings you the most convenient, cost-saving, and cleanest scooping experience. Try it and you will love it!

Litière pour chat en composite

La litière en composite est un mélange à base de 70 % de litière pour chat en tofu et de 30 % de litière pour chat en bentonite. Ce mélange écologique, jetable dans les toilettes, hydrosoluble, procure une puissance maximale pour l’absorption des liquides, le contrôle des odeurs et l’agglomération. Par conséquent, cette litière pour chat vous apporte une expérience de ramassage plus pratique, moins coûteuse et plus propre. Essayez-la et vous l’adopterez !



  1. It's impossible to avoid the courier from causing the cat litter to break into smaller pieces by minor collision during transit. Please think carefully before buying it.
  2. Don't flush down an excess amount of tofu cat litter in a single flush to prevent clogging.
  3. To let your cat have a cleaner toilet experience, scooping out the litter clumps every day is recommended.
  4. Please regularly change the cat litter and wash the litter box to keep the indoor environment clean and tidy.
  5. Vacuum packaging is just for the convenience of transportation, packaging that lost its vacuum will not affect product quality and is safe to use.

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