Wooden Pet Bed - Triangle Hammock Type


by pidan

  • This wooden pet bed is well-set and straightforward.
  • This pet bed improves the quality of life of the cat and lets you not feel overcrowded because of the addition of an item in the living space.
  • Copper alloy screw lock fixes the entire pet hammock. The arc design is added to the shape of the hammock fabric to give the cat a larger rest area.
  • Every piece of wood used is treated with high temperature and passed quality inspection. Only eco-friendly wood wax used to care for the surface, and it does not contain formaldehyde. You and your cat can use it with confidence.
  • Through the upgrade of the fabric, in addition to ensuring high flexibility, the stain resistance is stronger, it is easy to clean, and the service life is longer.
  • Reasonable height and space to meet the cats of all sizes, small dogs can also lie down gracefully.