Wooden Cat Tree - Geometrical 4 Squares


by pidan


Inspiration from the oil paintings by Mondrian

By applying the concept of the geometric abstraction, the Wooden Cat Tree provides an imagination in space for you and your cat. It is about being simple and romantic, and lets you bid farewell to the feeling of unwieldy. Let your cat have endless fun in this geometrical space. The cat tree has four squares, three openings, one sisal scratch board, and six activity platform and it is suitable for cats of all ages. Let the fun not only for your cat but also yours. 

Wooden cat tree four squares

When comparing to the 6 squares, the 4 squares is even more suitable for home use, whether it is a cozy one bedroom or a small or medium-sized apartment, it can create a multi-dimensional and interesting space for cats. 

Each square has tenons that fit into matching sockets of another square. As a result, no screws or tools required for the assembly. The cat tree can be easily assembled and dissembled by one person. Storage is easy too; just by stacking the squares together, it does not take a lot of space. 

All pieces of wood are pine wood from New Zealand, so the quality can be trusted, each piece of wood passed the test of quality. The surface varnish is carefully handled to achieve a smooth, level, stable and cozy sensation. The Wooden Cat Tree gives your cat pure enjoyment as it reverts your cat to its most natural self.

Wooden cat tree 4 squares product details