MOBOLI Pet Ceramic Water Drinking Fountain, River Type


MOBOLI Pet Ceramic Water Drinking Fountain, River Type - White is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Automatic circulating flowing water drinking fountain for pets.

The River is made of natural ceramic material.
The water flows through the gaps of the maifan stones.
And instantly the water becomes pure and rich in body benefiting minerals.
This way your pet can drink the healthiest and most natural water at home.

Why ceramic water drinking fountain is better?

- Ceramic is a common household material in our daily lives. Pets are very sensitive to taste, as a drinking fountain for pets, it stays in contact with drinking water 24 hours, a stable and safe material is even more needed.
- The ceramics are fired at high temperature, with stable performance, non-toxic, harmless, and odorless, and have a longer service life. No fading, no water absorption, no deformation; more environmentally friendly, and durable.
- The ceramic texture is easy to clean, not easy to retain bacteria and avoid feline acne.

1. Maifan stone:

It is a special mineral rock that has for centuries been used to treat various skin diseases. It has a huge capacity for both ion exchange and the adsorption of soluble heavy metals and chemical impurities in the water, whilst providing a gentle release of rich minerals and raising pH alkalinity levels.

2. Cotton filter:

 Effectively filter floating impurities and ensure clean drinking water on the surface.

3. Sandwich filter box design: 

Filter impurities more effectively and soften the water property. Activated carbon significantly absorbs organic matter, toxic substances, and peculiar smells in the water to purify the water quality.

Simulate natural running water.

Cats are very active by nature and believe that running water is clean water, ensuring drinking water can prevent diseases and is vital to their health.

Circulate flowing water two-mode outlet.

You can easily switch the mode by flipping the glass. It can simulate natural flowing water and switch to flowing artesian water well mode.

It encourages the cat's interest. It will enable cats to drink more water and reduces hidden urinary and kidney problems.

Super narrow + inclined plane design.

The inclined plane design prevents the cat's whiskers from getting wet.

The inclined slope is at 45 degrees and the fountain body is just 10 cm wide.

No cats will get their face and whiskers wet, even cats with a flat face.

Cats need their whiskers dry to keep their body balanced and secure.

Silent design that does not irritate the cat.

Cats have sensitive ears, high alertness, and are easily disturbed.
The multiple silent designs bring comfort to cats, so they can drink water at ease and enjoy comfortably.

Low voltage protection. Safe and no leakage.

The water level marker is clear at a glance.

The long and thin water stream can be used simultaneously by multiple cats.

Ultra-narrow body with a width of only 10 cm, exquisite and compact, saving space.

Detachable component design.

Available in multiple colors.

High-temperature firing, color does not fade, easy to integrate into the home environment.

Product info.

Brand name: MOBILI

Product name: RIVER Ceramic Water Drinking Fountain

Product color: White, Orange, Blue, Pink

Product net weight: 2.5 kg

Product dimension: 39 x 10 x 12.2 cm

Package dimension: 41.5 x 23.5 x18.5 cm

Capacity: 1000 ml

Suitable for: Cats and Small Dogs

Main material: Ceramic, Glass, Maifan Stone

Charging method: USB Power Cord

Instructions for use of the filter element.

Before the first use, put the new filter element in the water and soak it for 15 minutes.
If a black substance is found, this is an overflow of activated carbon powder due to friction during transportation. It is a normal occurrence and can be installed after flushing with clean water.


- It is recommended to clean the drinking fountain every 3 days to ensure a clean drinking environment for cats.

- To support environmental protection, this product uses a USB power cord (power adapter not included), which can be adapted to a 5V USB charging port.

- Do not scrub the external filter cotton during daily cleaning; when the drinking fountain is not in use, remove the filter element, and place it in a dry and ventilated place to dry.

- Because of the complex process of ceramics, from the production of the ceramic body to glazing, and fired at a high temperature of 1280 degrees. There are many processes; as a result, slight flaws in product dimensions are usual. Some products have a minor uneven glaze surface or pinholes, small black spots, and minor glaze defects. If you are a perfectionist, please choose carefully! Thank you for your understanding and support!

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